Electric ball picker

P.J.S electric ball picker are indispensable on driving ranges while in Leisure activities period. because of the rotating baskets the dump ballpicker can be easily emptied which save time and money. the Multi-purpose tennis balls and golfballs will be captured by the ball picker machine. The ballpicker comes in 2 different sizes and functions: Manual Ball-picking Cart,Hand-push Electric Ball-picking Cart. Ball capacity: Iron Wire PVC. Bottom basket inner for 90 balls,Top Basket inner for 180 balls.
Material adopt Aluminium Alloy+Steel with Liquid Painting for Surface treatment. It can pick up tennis ball automatically when it is drived ahead. As indicated in the pictures, it can be used as a trolley to pick up tennis, after adjusting, it can be used as a basket to load tennis. Using 24v lithium battery, with DC power to pick up the ball, High Efficiency for picking up the balls, with mp3, Bluetooth music, radio and other functions.
OEM&ODM for Display racks, tennis store display fixtures & tennis machine.

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