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GoPro HERO 5 Battery product descrition:

* Official Gopro have never had particularly good and long battery life. So having spare batteries on hand, along with an rechargeable frame battery, can help you kep shooting.

* The Obvious question is the batteries of HERO5 Black are different from previous models.

* The New GoPro HERO5 Black battery uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that’s related at 2400mAh (8.88Wh), which is a slightly higher rated capacity than the previous model (1160mAh). It looks very similar to the ones for the HERO4.

* GoPro has their own brand batteries and chargers. They work very well, but they’re also higher priced than other options, so the Third-Party After-Market Batteries of P.J.S brand is the best choice, extend your battery life for whole day.

* Smart Charging–5V/5W Charge Compatibly,5V/10W Charge Faster.

* Replace the original frame,easy to install and suitable for all kinds of playing.

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