LED Flood light

LED Flood light features:

IP67 Waterproof powerful LED flood light. Outdoor design with ultra efficiency lens technology. Professional applications in tunnel, high way, stadium, airport and every big area. Compeletely Dali dimmable.It develops on the basis of the traditional flood light products, Led chip adopts Original Philips are optional to be 130LM/W.  All items with CE,ROHS,SAA,TUVapproval.

* 200W Equivalent to 500W HID, 26000 Lumen, 2700-6000K

* High efficiency, energy saving

* Philip 3030 LEDs, and Meanwell LED driver

* Compared to traditional LED heatsink, our disspating area is bigger,air convection is better.

* Easy to control, the light is dimmable by adjust electricity current

* Good heat dissipation, no start up delay, no stroboscopic light

* Long life span, over 50,000 hours

* Colors of Red Green Blue Amber support.

* According to the quantity order, discounts available.

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