LED Candle Bulb

LED candle Bulb product features:

* Global Pioneer, 360 degree light with a breakthrough LED Linear light-emitting theory.

* Have the same lighting effect and reflect effect with the Tungste (incandescent).

* Pure aluminum as housing, with heat conductivity coefficient 226w/mk.

* Adopt 24*45Mil big chip with High Luminous flux, good heat dissipation, lower luminous depreciation and Long life-time

* 2W/mk thermal conductivity coefficient for PCB and in-between special heat-sink plate increases 8% heat dissipation.

* Special processing, stress-treated (Harden) glass shell, high luminousness(90%)

* Adopt imported 3w/mk thermal conductivity of Thermally Conductive Silicone, No fog and Vapour.

* LED candle lamp series is available in a number of glass cover+ aluminum that cater for an array of applications, such as chandelliers, candle stands, decorative lighting and general lighting.

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